Video marketing: 3 Irish examples of best practice

Importance of Video Blogging


Using videos is a great way to advertise your product or service. According to Kimbe MacMaster of Vidyard, audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts. Shane O’Leary cites in his blog that in Ireland along in the past year, digital video adspend grew by 63% and globally is expected to be the biggest driver of digital for the next 5 yearsI know as a millennial that I spend more time watching videos to gather information on things I want to buy or even when studying. This is why optimizing video marketing is so important for companies.


Discover Ireland

Discover Ireland uses videos heavily in their advertising. Aimed at a younger generation, promoting Ireland as a tourist location with plenty of activities to do.  I think Discover Ireland has done a fantastic job using their videos to attract young Irish adults and teens. Using popular Irish music and appealing to the excitement factor in youth.

Video marketing is a chance to leave a lasting memory in peoples minds and evoking an emotional connection with a product or service. Since kicking off their “the fun starts here” campaigns, Discover Ireland have released a series of videos full of fun and good times, creating a positive image of what Ireland has to offer and Discover Ireland itself. Often located with trailers of movies on YouTube for younger people, Discover Ireland can gain access to millions of viewers.



I’ll admit at heart I’m a Barry’s tea drinker, but Lyons have done a great job with their video marketing in my opinion. Hubspot states that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Lyons know this and have put a greater emphasis on their video marketing in recent year, focusing humor as their main emotion to evoke with their product as can be seen in the below video.

Starting off as ads on telly, Lyons humorous ads quickly found themselves as ads on both Facebook and Twitter. Lyons videos have become so popular they’ve kicked off many spoof ads of their original.



Ireland is still new to the video marketing era. Many companies have been slow to get started. However Guinness is a superb example of how to video market correctly. One of the most iconic products in Ireland, Guinness doesn’t sit back and rely on their reputation. For years Guinness have released many different adverts simultaneously promoting their brand. Unlike Lyon’s and Discover Ireland, Guinness doesn’t rely heavily rely on humor, but often in a sense of national pride. Many of the video contents Guinness have produced in the last few years inspire a sense of nostalgia. A great example of this is an older Guinness ad featuring a tribute to Irish explorer, Tom Crean.

Guinness often resurface these ads from time to time on their various social media accounts. Guinness also realize the potential and true value of video marketing regularly updating their twitter pages with small, interesting videos such as the micro-sculpture of a Guinness glass into a lead pencil head.





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