3 great brands that blog and 3 great brands on Twitter

Pressure of having a Blog

According to Inc. “For many brands, a blog is an essential component of their overall marketing mix.It’s a tool that enables them to engage with customers on a conversational level between purchases”.


Brands and Bloggers nowadays are facing the growing pressure of more and more online platforms to manage. to According to Paul Boag of Boagworld “most organisations have a blog simply because they feel they should. Many marketing departments fail to ‘get’ blogging and have poorly visited blogs with few comments.”I find it then more impressive to find brands and bloggers can who achieve the success of a popular blog, while staying true to the image of their brand and products.


3 Great Brands who Blog and Tweet

  1. @Adidas

Adidas, in my opinion, have found a great balance in providing a twitter page that informs customers and fans of Adidas sponsored teams and athletes, as well as promote new products and sales. Having gathered 2.8 million followers since 2011, Adidas’ twitter page continues to grow in popularity.


Adidas Twitter Page

But it’s Adidas’ Blog that I found most interesting. Aimed at the lifestyle of their product uses, namely gym-goers and athletes, Adidas provides a blog that interacts with fitness news and trends. Their micoach section includes topics on exercising in the winter, arch support types as well as some of the best running tracks in the world.

How to Structure Your Workout Routine   adidas Sport for life.png


2. @Topman

Topman‘s twitter and blog is different from that than Adidas’ in that it is aimed solely at men.  However similarly to Adidas’ blog, Topman’s blog isn’t necessarily aimed at the products they sell, but more towards topics surrounding their products.

These include articles on modern haircuts for men, types of clothes dependent on a persons location or body image. Staying true to their overall idea of not only providing clothing and fragrances for men but providing a guide for men’s style, Topman’s blog has created a positive online presence for their customers.


3. @J.Crew

J.Crew   jcrew    Twitter.png

J.Crews blog is highly regarded among many blogging critics such as Inc. who say “J.Crew is known for its classic style and beautiful photography, and the company blog highlights these strengths by showing all the hard work that goes into the final products”.  J. Crew creates a standard among it’s various social media accounts such as it’s blog, twitter and Instagram. With interesting articles as well as beautiful photography to highlight their tone and products.











Importance of blogging and tweeting for brands

Blogging and tweeting helps drive traffic to your website. Not only is blogging virtually free (only true cost is your time!). But also it is estimated by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human according to HubSpot.  Other studies by HupSpot show the current effects of blogging, with compnaies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.



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