John Jennings

Hi there, i’m a marketing student, currently in my 3rd year in CIT. I’m from Clonakilty, Co. Cork and I play rugby and going to the cinema. My favorite film genres include comedies and mystery. ¬†Over the last summer I did a marketing internship in Global Shares, a local business in Clonakilty. Working in Global Shares over the summer really helped me discover that marketing is a passion of mine and something I hope to get more involved in the future. On the weekends and during college semesters I work in a local pub, De Barras.

My real passion however is rugby and exercise.I come from a family of brothers, two older, and one twin brother, Henry. It was because of my brothers, especially Henry, I started playing rugby. I play for my local club Clonakilty and hope to play with CIT this year. It was from rugby that I started to go gym and discover a new passion in health and fitness. Unfortunately, another passion of mine is to eat junk food!

After college I hope to travel and discover more cultures. This summer I hope to go on a J1 and after my final year I would like to travel the world starting in south America. For my J1, I would love to travel to New Orleans. The bar I work in at home is renowned for music and over the three years I’ve spent working there I’ve gathered a better appreciation for music.

As well as going to the cinema, another pastime of mine is TV, especially Netflix. I’m addicted to the Marvel original series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.




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